Air + Style 2018 Sunday VIP

For this event I decided to go all out and buy my first VIP festival ticket. I had found a 1 day VIP ticket for $90 on Craigslist and decided to send it.

(Side note if you are ever buying a ticket on craigslist always MEET IN PERSON and in a public place like a coffee shop. This is how I always make sure the ticket is LEGIT).

I drove from SLO to Long Beach the day before then met with my friends for day 2 of Air and Style. They happened to get free VIP upgrades by noticing that the marketing manager had the incorrect prices on Twitter. It was my first time doing VIP at a festival and I had no idea what to expect.

As soon as we walked in we went straight for the VIP bar area where there was also a snowboard ramp. I was so excited to go to Air and Style that I had totally forgotten that the Winter Olympics had just come to a close. Therefore no big name snowboarders were in appearance except the festivals founder Shaun White. So as my first time being a VIP I’m dirt broke from getting there and getting the ticket living with a $30 budget to last me until Friday. However, that didn’t stop me from ordering drinks.

Then we headed to the main stage to see Phantogram. Next was Griz who was by far my favorite set of the night. Every time Griz brings out his sax I melt. We had to leave a little early to get a spot for Gucci Mane. One thing I really hate about rappers is they are always late. I swear every rapper I have ever seen has always been at least 20 minutes late. And yeah know why ? Most of them smoke weed. Just stating a true fact known from personal experience. People who smoke are always late all the time. We have a more of an island time mindset when it comes to life.

Anyways Gucci Mane came on 30 minutes later and killed it. To end the night we saw Phoenix my friends weren’t really feeling it since they were tired from the day before. I gave up after a few songs and let them drag me back to our hotel. I have a very diverse music taste I like to think so I was really feeling the indie vibes.