Smart Glass

  As part of my BUS 346: principles of marketing class I was assigned to create a product, build a marketing plan, and do the branding/marketing for the product. Our product was called "Smart Glass" a tech-savvy Bluetooth enabled mirror in order to help consumers have a  "Smarter Morning". 

Cloud 9 

During the course BUS 451: New Product  Development and Launch I worked with a Canadian based company named Cloud 9. I helped the client to re-design their packaging for a new product launch of Pearled Sorghum an ancient grain. 

Tranquil Rwandan Tea

In the course BUS 446: International Marketing I designed a logo and Instagram post sample for a Rwandan Tea start-up company. 

Life Paint Company

 As a Marketing intern for Life Paint Company, I did a product shoot of the paint product offerings. I converted the images to graphics for their new site as well as helping with the redesign of their new website using Wordpress. The site can be found here.


As part of my BUS:418 Listening To The Customer course I was in charge of the redesign of the Troublemaker wine logo. The previous design was broken glass which the client felt was confusing to their customers. After conducting research I found that the wine spill would be a better way to convey the fun type of trouble that the customer embodies when they drink Troublemaker wine. 




Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 8.26.44 PM.png